My favorite Animal Crossing villager of all time is Tabby! She is a peppy cat that first lived in my town in Wild World. She has always been my favorite villager, though as a child (as I was in the 2000s), I doubt I could have explained why I like her so much. Peppy is my favorite villager personality, and I like the cat villagers the most. I think what puts Tabby above the other peppy cat villagers is that she has an alternative appearance to contrast her cutesy disposition. It's charming.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Tabby appeared in many top ten ugliest villager lists back in the day. As a kid, I totally did NOT understand where her haters were coming from, and I was filled with righteous indignation for my bestie Tabby. Tabby IS the best cat villager and this IS the hill I will die on.

While I first had Tabby in Wild World, I also had her in my first New Leaf town and in New Horizons. Tabby isn't a very popular villagers SADLY, but that does benefit me in some ways. I traded very little for her on The Bell tree back in 2014 during a time before villager amiibos. It was when villager trading was at an all time high! Additionally, I bought Tabby's amiibo card in 2020 for just a couple dollars at a time when certain villager cards were going for over $100USD. Lucky me!

In my New Leaf town, Tabby and Katt were next door neighbors. I shipped them together, and it was really special to me at the time as a young queer person.

Fun facts

Birthday 18 August
Catchphrase Me-WOW
Fav Saying "You can never have too much of a good thing!"

Tabby wears the 'Tomato Juice Shirt' in the Japanese versions of the first Animal Crossing generation. SCARY! She looks like she's covered in blood!