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I just moved hosts so these will probably broken for awhile. Sorry!


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Nobility -: ✧ :- Knight of Hamsters! hamtaro cheering
Barbieland This Barbie is a game developer!
caffeineNATION ☕︎ Iced Oatmilk Latte

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Clover suki Sailor Uranus

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Button for Gamedevs Galore Button for Cafe Rose Small world link lane

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Hamtaro spy family Fruits Basket Sailor Moon Naruto Member of the Visual Novel Fan Listing Vampire Hunter D Black Butler Witcher 3 Sims 2 Golden pudding - the pompompurin FANLISTING Barbies - Barbie doll FANLISTING Monster High Dolls GBA SP Fanlisting Komaeda

𓆩♡𓆪 Other Sites 𓆩♡𓆪

Here are some sites I love! You will find a wide array of beautiful artists, game developers, and more! Plus their sites are cool... Look at them neow!

ruinations luciferase sanguineroyal ophanimkei Pizzacat Delights fizzsea denpa starbage Velvet Blue lavender blues pixel moondust the-rusty-zone linwood milkpowderbun pinkvampyr an 88x31 button for fatgrrlz.neocities.org. an 88x31 button for fatgrrlz.neocities.org. an 88x31 button for fatgrrlz.neocities.org. lied himawariness mizuki.world victorwurld lejlart whiona.me cloverbell zeddybear solaria kookoioi

𓆩♡𓆪 Sites Without Buttons 𓆩♡𓆪

These sites are not personal websites like those listed above, but I do enjoy all of them. There are blogs, lists of games, and other helpful resources.

  • Dark Pattern Games
      Mobile gaming should be taken seriously as a platform, but it can be intimidating to find the 'good' games when app stores are saturated with shovelware and garbage. This website identifies common player-unfriendly design choices in mobile games. Just look up the game you're interested in playing here!
  • Hack Your 3DS
  • Hack Your Wii
  • English Otome Games
      This site catelogs otome games and provides news about new releases.
  • Ladies Gamers
      This blog reviews mainly indie cozy games and other genres popular with women. The writers are all different ages and genders, but it was founded by an older woman!