Happy New Year, lovely reader! It’s still 2023 where I live, but only for a few more hours. I don’t really have any New Year plans. I’m just here at home! My partner and I are going to watch the new Black Clover movie in a little bit and eat delicious, stovetop popcorn. It’s one of my favorite snacks to make and Black Clover is one of the most underrated series I love!

I’ve been crazy busy this month, as many of us are. To be honest, I’m really happy the holidays are drawing to a close. I’ve still had no luck with finding a job. I hope that I will hear back from somewhere in January. Fingers crossed!

I’ve been playing a truly insane amount of Baldurs Gate 3 lately. I’m only in act 2 (after 60 hours), but I’ve played pretty much every waking hour since my partner gave it to me last week. It’s so funny because I also got him BG3 as a Christmas present. It’s been a fun week of parallel play lol.

I don’t think I have anything new or very insightful about the BG3, so I’m not sure I’ll write a full blog post about it. I will say that I am enjoying it much more than Divinity Original Sin 2, Larian’s last major release (to my knowledge). The systems make much more sense to a casual CRPG fan than DOS2, in my opinion. I also much prefer BG3 to Dark Alliance, though I’m aware that BG3 is more similar to Divinity than to its predecessors.

I’ve been RPing as an edgelord character lol. I’m playing as a high elf paladin oathbreaker with the Dark Urge. And of course, the only party member I feel will really accept my character’s propensity for murder is Astarion, so of course I’m romancing him. It’s been a lot of fun! Games like Baldurs Gate 3 only come around every once in a while, and Larian totally earned the GOTY title.

If you’ve picked up any games over the holidays, I would love to know! I recently revamped my blog style, so I hope it’s more pleasing to the eye. ^^ Happy New Year! <3

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